China Ready

In 2017, WA attracted 58,600 Chinese visitors, staying more than 2.7 million nights. Spending rose 15% from the previous year, to $291 million in that period. By 2020 China tourism should grow to 100,000 visitors, spending $500 million each year. Tourism Council WA invites you to get your business China Ready by attending one of our comprehensive workshops.

This workshop will assist businesses to become ready for this growing market by understanding:

  • Cross-cultural training for managers and service staff;
  • Language, culture, history, traditions, and taboos;
  • Meeting, greeting and serving;
  • Accommodation expectations; and
  • F&B and tourism services.

China Ready & Accredited® Certificate

At the end of the workshop attendees can complete a free assessment for China Ready & Accredited® Certification. Certified staff are an essential requirement for a business to become China Ready & Accredited®.

To register for an upcoming China Ready Workshop click here.

If you would like to arrange a workshop for your business or destination contact TCWA 08 9416 0700


“Well done! Most informative & constructive….great value!”

“This year I have had more Chinese guests … so thought it would be valuable to understand some values/customs etc. My needs have definitely been met by the workshop.”

“More enlightened now to the Chinese culture, traditions and expectations in regards to their travel plans. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge.”