2024 Perth Airport WA Tourism Conference - Wednesday Tour Inclusion Options

All delegates can choose between the following options for Wednesday, June 12. These tours are included in the conference ticket price. Select your tour during the registration process.

These experiences have been scheduled to commence throughout the day to accommodate Visitor Centre delegates attending the Visitor Centre session in the morning (concluding at midday).

Please note there are limited spaces available in each tour and places are confirmed once a registration has been confirmed. 

Option 1 - Brekkie and Boating - Beach Bites and Mandurah Boat Hire


Breakfast is available from 8am until 11am Wednesday, June 12

A sociable group boating and brekkie adventure! Enjoy a delicious breakfast platter with friends at Beach Bites, Dolphin Quay, then hop on board a self-drive pontoon from Mandurah Boat Hire. Your 1.5 hour hire includes plenty of time to explore Mandurah's estuary waterways and Venetian canals with opportunities to spot dolphins along the way. 


Option 2 - Ride the Giant E-Bike Tour - Bike Kiosk - FULL


Available 9am - 12 noon Wednesday, June 12

Guided e-bike ride along Mandurah's scenic coast line taking in Santi Ikto, one of Thomas Dambo's Giants of Mandurah. 


Option 3 - Wild Seafood Luxury Cruise - Mandurah Cruises - FULL

wild seafood cruise

Available 11am - 2pm, Wednesday June 12

Indulge in the ultimate luxury dining experience while exploring Mandurah’s beautiful waterways. 
Enjoy the thrill of hauling in your own Western Rock Lobster. Handle and learn about these fascinating creatures which are fished completely sustainably in the healthiest fishery in the world. Sit back, relax and soak in the scenery while you dine on a deluxe 8 course lunch menu showcasing local ingredients, your fresh-caught lobster and seafood delicacies from across Western Australia. All prepared courtesy of your own private chef!


Option 4a - Wagyl's Noorook Thrombolites and Thorny Devil Brewery - Zion Coach Tours, Thorny Devil Brewery and Goolamwiin - FULL


Available 12.15pm - 3.30pm Wednesday, June 12

Discover one of the world’s largest Thrombolite communities and the story of the earliest life on earth. This site of immense cultural significance is also known by the local indigenous name, Wagyl’s Noorook Thrombolites. The Binjareb people describe the Thrombolites as the noorook, eggs of the Wagyl, the creation snake. Their stories speak to this place through deep time – the noorook connect us to the formation of the landscape and broader Peel-Yalgorup system. Tour starts with lunch at Thorny Devil Brewery with a chance to try some of their award-winning craft beer. Followed by a walking tour with cultural tours specialists Goolamwiin. Transport to and from the Thrombolites provided. 


Option 4b - Lake Clifton Thrombolites and Thorny Devil Brewery – Zion Coach Tours, Thorny Devil Brewery, Salt and Bush Eco Tours - FULL


Available 12.15pm – 3.30pm, Wednesday, 12 June

See glimpses of what life looked like three and a half billion years ago. Along the shallows of Lake Clifton is one of the world’s largest Thrombolite communities that are extremely rare on Earth today. Find out more about this geological wonder on a guided walking tour of Thrombolites and the bordering Tuart woodland in Yalgorup National Park. Tour starts with lunch at Thorny Devil Brewery with a chance to try some of their award-winning craft beer. Followed by a walking tour with nature experience specialists Salt and Bush Eco Tours. Transport to and from The Thrombolites provided. 

Option 5 - Eco Explorations by Land & Water - Bike Kiosk and Mandurah Cruises          


Available 12.15pm - 4pm Wednesday, June 12

A land and water-based eco tour through Mandurah’s beautiful coastal cycle-paths, estuary waterways and nature reserves.  Pick up your e-bike from the Bike Kiosk and ride over to Dolphin Quay. Then dismount for a trip on one of Mandurah Cruises’ famous eco bbq boats. These whisper quiet doughnut shaped boats are the ultimate eco self-drive experience and a great way to explore Mandurah’s network of Venetian canals. Dine in style while you float, with delicious, packed lunch. Then get back on your e-bike and embark on an epic land-based adventure!   Led by an expert guide, you’ll pedal (with e-bike assistance) in search of one of Thomas Dambo’s Giants of Mandurah.


Option 6 - Giant and Dolphin Cruise - Mandurah Cruises


Available 1.30pm - 3.45pm Wednesday, June 12

Cruise through Mandurah's spectacular water wilderness, visiting one of the most famous Giants, 'Seba's Song'. This Giant faces away from land, contemplating the waters ~ the only Giant to do so. He can only be sighted in full by boat. Plenty of opportunities to spot wild dolphins and birdlife along the way.