Accessible Tourism

Accessible tourism is about developing tourism destinations, businesses and experiences  to make them accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age.

A recent Tourism Council WA survey found that more than one in three Western Australians travellers have an accessibility requirement to be met when they travel around the State.

Tourism Council WA members can access several tools to develop their accessible tourism business. 

Limited Time - Free On-Site Assessment

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Tourism Council WA has partnered with Spinal Life Australia to boost accessible tourism in Western Australia by providing complimentary on-site assessments for Tourism Council WA members.

The first round of assessments would allow 50 tourism businesses to be evaluated by Spinal Life Australia community access and advocacy officer Karen Harvey, whose lived experience will provide relevant and actionable feedback.

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Ms Harvey has been working with individual tourism operators, regional tourism organisations and the State Government to raise awareness of and improve accessible tourism.

To take part in a complimentary on-site assessment, businesses can join here or contact a Membership Officer at Tourism Council WA on (08) 9416 0700 or send us an email.

Online Assessment Tool

Businesses complete an online assessment tool which benchmarks the current accessibility of their product and provides them with:

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  • Accessibility Information Available guide and logo which businesses can upload to their website for potential guests. The online guide saves businesses and guests time by providing visitors with specific detailed information about your business accessibility for their individual accessible requirements.
  • Internal Report which shows what further action a business can take to best meet the needs of specific accessible guest requirements. Businesses that meet the best practice standard in one of the five accessibility areas are eligible for accessible accreditation. 

To access the online-assessment tool, click here or contact a Membership Officer at Tourism Council WA on (08) 9416 0700 or send us an email.

Accessible Tourism Workshops

Discover the power of accessible tourism and gain an understanding into catering to travellers of all abilities. In this workshop you will identify areas for improvement to welcome a range of travellers with varying mobility or sensory needs and explore innovative marketing strategies to appeal to this untapped market. Harness the potential of accessible tourism to enrich experiences, boost your business, and contribute to a more inclusive world.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Gain insights into accessible tourism to tap into a growing market of travellers with diverse needs to boost your revenue potential.
  • Identify some low-cost ways to elevate your business by improving accessibility for all. 
  • Learn to provide clear and inclusive information to instil confidence in potential customers
  • Hear about travelling from the perspective of a person with lived experience, with special guest speaker Ben Aldridge from 30 Foot Drop.
  • Begin your pathway to Accessible Tourism Accreditation.

To register for an upcoming Accessible Tourism workshop, click here or simply contact a Membership Officer at Tourism Council WA on (08) 9416 0700 or send us an email.

If you would like to arrange a workshop for your business or destination contact Tourism Council WA on 9416 0700.

Accessible Tourism Accreditation

Accessible Tourism Low Hearing Brandmark

Accessible Tourism Accreditation assists businesses to improve and communicate their accessibility for visitors across five areas:

  • Low hearing
  • Cognitive/autism
  • Limited mobility
  • Mobility aids - wheelchairs and scooters
  • Low vision

Businesses which become accredited receive Accessible Tourism brandmarks to promote themselves to potential visitors as an Accessible Tourism Accredited business (optional) in the areas where the business meets the required standard. 


  • For Businesses - assistance with identifying areas of improvement to cater for guests with accessibility requirements and the ability to promote themselves as meeting the needs of visitors with accessibility requirements. 
  • For Visitors - removes challenges in planning a holiday by providing an easy-to-read Accessibility Guide which empowers the visitor to make travel decisions which will meet their needs. 

How to Apply

Businesses accredited through the Quality Tourism Framework automatically meet the required general tourism business standards for accreditation and only need to be assessed for the Accessible Tourism Accreditation standards.

To be assessed, click here or simply contact a Membership Officer at Tourism Council WA on (08) 9416 0700 or send us an email and we will provide you with the Accessible Tourism Accreditation information.

Excellence in Accessible Tourism Award

This award category was introduced in the 2023 Perth Airport WA Tourism Awards to recognise businesses that provide a product, experience or service that goes above and beyond to accommodate and cater for people with disabilities and/or specific needs e.g. hearing impairment, low vision, limited mobility, wheelchair/scooter needs and/or cognitive impairment.

Businesses that have completed the Online Assessment Tool and publish the Accessibility Information Available guide on their website are eligible to enter the award.

Learn more about the Excellence in Accessible Tourism award here.