AFL and Events Can Save Jobs

29 August 2020

An AFL final series and other major events scheduled for October onwards can activate Perth and help save local jobs as JobKeeper and JobSeeker wind down. 

Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said Perth securing the AFL finals series would be perfect timing to encourage Western Australians to support tourism businesses in the CBD which were struggling to stay open and retain employees.

“Based on previous experience with AFL matches at Optus Stadium, it is estimated that a nine-game finals series would generate 131,500 room nights for Perth CBD hotels. This would include regional visitors travelling to Perth as well as Perth residents coming into the city to experience the match alongside a staycation,” he said.

“It is important to encourage Western Australians to book into Perth hotels for a staycation to save thousands of jobs which are at risk once wage subsidies are reduced and eventually removed. 

“The knock-on effect will be the creation of business for local suppliers and other tourism operators.”

It is estimated visitor expenditure for an AFL final series would be $37.8 million, which would create the equivalent of 278 full time jobs for a year. This is equal to saving the workforce of a Perth CBD hotel. In addition, the matches would create 18,500 shifts at Optus Stadium for cleaners, security, catering and event staff. 

Mr Hall said the example of the AFL final series showed there was potential to create a large number of jobs in venues, hotels, hospitality and retail businesses by allowing only a small number of players, entertainers and staff into WA under quarantine conditions.

“There are many opportunities for Perth to secure major events which would have a similar impact and support local businesses and jobs,” he said. 

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