International tourism slides

5 December 2012

Latest data released by Tourism Research Australia shows that international leisure tourism to Western Australia has dropped by 3% in the past 12 months compared to the a 3% national increase.

“WA has the second lowest state investment in tourism marketing, and we are losing market share to other states” said Evan Hall, CEO of Tourism Council WA.

The International Visitor Survey showed an overall decline in leisure tourism visitor numbers including holiday makers and visiting friends and relatives. Business travel is up due to the mining boom.

“The decline has cost WA 18,500 leisure tourists over the past year” said Mr Hall.

“International leisure tourism is growing in Queensland and Victoria while WA is sliding backwards” said Mr Hall.

“We desperately need to match the marketing investment of other states to recover lost market share.” said Mr Hall.

China Grows while Europe Declines

Over the past year UK visitor numbers to Western Australia were down by 7% and visitors from Germany had also decreased by over 14%, however China tourism continues to grow at 34.2%

“The government has done a great job investing in China tourism over the past year””said Mr Hall “If you invest in tourism marketing you get a huge pay off.”

“We are asking the government to make tourism a state priority and to recognise the importance of the tourism industry in the WA economy” said Mr Hall.

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