Lobster reforms to catch foodie tourists

8 December 2018

Tourism Council WA has welcomed the announcement by the Fisheries Minister which expands sustainable rock lobster catch and increases lobster supplies for locals and tourists.

Under the changes, the sustainable catch will be increased from 6,300 tonnes to 8,000 tonnes, with part of the increase being retained in WA to boost supplies for visiting tourists and locals.

Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said sustainably caught rock lobsters were a ‘hero’ product for WA which would attract foodies and seafood lovers from across the world. Lobster tourism would deliver better economic outcomes and more jobs to Western Australia than selling rock lobsters on the export market alone.

“The most valuable rock lobster is the one a tourist has spent thousands of dollars travelling in WA to catch themselves or eat fresh while visiting our amazing coast,” Mr Hall said.

“It is better for our economy that we bring the international lobster foodie to WA, rather than just take the lobster overseas.

“Premium seafood experiences are particularly valuable in attracting lucrative Asian markets, especially China, as visitors from that region love unique seafood and will spend around $5,000 per trip in Western Australia.”

Mr Hall said the announcement was an important development for marine tourism along a large part of the Western Australian coastline where rock lobsters were found.

“Tourism Council WA will work with the State Government, fishers and marine tourism industry to develop lobster tourism experiences,” he said.  

“Tourism Council WA and the industry continue to seek regulatory reforms which allow operators to offer high-quality tourism experiences to visitors year round.”

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