New Museum a Tourism Drawcard

4 December 2018

WA’s new museum will be a significant tourism attraction for the state, providing a compelling experience for many visitors who will stay longer to visit the new museum.

“Tourist visitors to the Museum’s unique collections would be staying longer and spending more in WA, which will create jobs in retail, hospitality and accommodation,” Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said.

The tourism industry is working with the WA Museum to create value-added experiences from behind-the-scenes tours through to a ‘sleep-over’ night at the new museum.

The project is on schedule for completion in 2020 and Western Australians are now able to take a glimpse at an animated tour of what is to come.

“The animated video shows what an exciting experience the Museum will offer locals and visitors,” Mr Hall said.

“From showcasing seven major galleries through to the iconic blue whale skeleton, the new museum is certain to provide a captivating experience for all visitors.”

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