School's Out - Staggering WA School Holidays to Benefit Families and Tourism

8 April 2022

Tourism Council WA has today launched School’s Out, a discussion paper to initiate a conversation about staggering school holidays in Western Australia.

School’s Out proposes that autumn, winter, and spring school holidays be staggered so schools north and south of the river would commence holidays one week apart. This would halve congestion on roads, crowding at attractions, and demand for accommodation over most of the school holiday period.

It is estimated the change would result in a reduction in school holiday premium pricing of up to 24 per cent and allow for an additional 730,000 visitor nights by WA families. Economic analysis shows the proposal would create 2,180 more jobs and an extra $299 million in visitor expenditure.

“Every school holiday period, families miss out on a WA holiday because they can’t get annual leave or find available accommodation,” Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said.

“Staggering school holidays would enable more families to holiday in WA with less crowding and lower prices. It’s a win-win for WA families and tourism.

“As borders open and restrictions lift, it is time for WA to consider practical changes to ensure Western Australians can continue to holiday in WA.

“School holidays in WA drive short and sharp peak tourism seasons for regional destinations. WA’s diverse climate compounds this peak period, as Perth families tend to favour southern destinations during summer and northern towns during winter.

“For families looking to enjoy regional WA, travelling during school holidays means confronting peak period pricing, sparse accommodation options, congested freeways, competition for annual leave within their workplace, and crowded destinations upon arrival.”

Tourism Council WA’s School’s Out report reveals multiple benefits that would be felt across the state:

  • Increased accommodation availability and reduced prices.
  • Reduced crowds and wait times during school holidays.
  • Increased seasonal hours for casual and part-time staff.
  • Improved work-life balance for working parents with school-aged children.
  • Increased business sustainability for thousands of regional businesses.
  • Increased flexibility and productivity across all workplaces.
  • A major boost to tourism in Western Australia.

The full document can be read here.

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