Tourism needs marketing push as regional towns continue to trail Perth

11 January 2013

Today’s data from the ABS Survey of Tourist Accommodation for the September Quarter 2012 shows the occupancy of regional tourist accommodation remains well behind Perth and mining towns. For the September quarter 2012, hotel occupancy for Perth was 86% while average regional occupancy was 62%.

“Western Australia is relying on the mining boom and is under investing in tourism” said Evan Hall, CEO of Tourism Council WA.

“WA has the second lowest level of funding for tourism promotion of any state” said Mr Hall “as a result hotels are booming in Perth and mining towns from business travel, while regional tourist towns are struggling.” 

“Regional tourism operators are suffering and an effective campaign to entice visitors back to regions is imperative for the survival of regional tourism towns” said Mr Hall.

Tourism Council WA believes that Western Australia will continue to lose market share to other states until the government invests in solid international and domestic marketing campaigns.

“Tourism funding should be spent directly on promoting Western Australia and selling regional tourism destinations to both the domestic and international markets” said Mr Hall “tourism in WA regions is suffering and they are asking government to make this commitment to the tourism industry.”

“There’s more to our economy than digging holes in the ground and it’s time for the government to make tourism and events a state priority” said Mr Hall.

The ABS Survey of Tourist Accommodation is released quarterly and covers all accommodation with 15 rooms or more.

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