Vaccination Mandate Provides Clarity for Tourism

20 October 2021

Tourism Council WA has welcomed today’s announcement by the State Government of mandatory vaccination requirements for a range of workers in the tourism industry.

Chief Executive Officer Evan Hall said the announcement provided clarity for the industry on what was required of them when it came to vaccination.

“The mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements announced today by the Premier provides clarity and a level playing field for businesses,” Mr Hall said.

“We look forward to consulting with the State Government on tourism businesses not covered by today’s announcement. There are a range of tourism operators and staff who will be in contact with guests, eventually from interstate and overseas, which are not explicitly covered by the announcement, such as tour guides, event employees and staff working in attractions.”

A recent industry survey showed more than 70% of tourism businesses supported State Government mandating vaccination requirements rather than it being left to businesses to implement their own vaccination policy.

Tourism businesses were already leading the charge, with a recent industry survey revealing tourism workers were getting vaccinated at more than 15 per cent above the rate of the general WA population.

Under the requirements, employees in tourism businesses such as restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, public and commercial transport, and hotels, motels and other accommodation providers, will be required to be fully vaccinated by 31 January 2022.


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