WA Tourism’s Best Summer, But Challenges Ahead

29 January 2020

The WA tourism industry is experiencing its best summer season ever, with an industry survey revealing business activity has grown by five per cent.

The Tourism Pulse quarterly business activity survey revealed five per cent growth from October to December, and an expected eight per cent growth from January to March 2020. Tourism Pulse is the only real-time survey results of how tourism is performing in WA and is months ahead of official tourism statistics.

“The latest Tourism Pulse business activity survey reveals this summer is the best ever in many parts of Western Australia. This comes off the back of increased State government funding for Tourism WA marketing which has brought in increased international and interstate visitors,” Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said. 

While the Tourism Pulse business activity survey revealed strong forward bookings for January to March, bushfires and the coronavirus have both had an immediate impact on tourism businesses, presenting real concerns for future bookings. 

“The challenge ahead is to maintain the positive momentum of this summer throughout 2020,” Mr Hall said.

“The State Government can keep the marketing momentum going to shore up forward bookings in the wake of international coverage of Australian bushfires and now the coronavirus.”

While WA tourism businesses are not at the epicentre of bushfire devastation or the coronavirus, widespread media coverage can significantly affect international interest in travelling to WA. 

“A recent survey revealed 67 per cent of tourism businesses report an impact on their business as a result of the widespread media coverage of the bushfires, despite limited direct impact on WA businesses,” Mr Hall said.

“WA tourism businesses are already reporting cancellations arising from the Chinese government’s suspension of outbound group travel, as well as cancellations from independent Chinese travellers.”

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