Business - Capacity & Occupancy

These charts measure the percentage of business capacity being used in the quarter as reported by businesses in the TCWA BAS. Capacity includes rooms, buses, seats, patrons, days, etc. Occupancy is the percentage usage of capacity and is also known as load factor or usage.

Occupancy shows demand for capacity in the quarter. Declining occupancy puts downward pressure on prices due to either reduced patronage or increases in capacity (supply). An increase in occupancy puts upward pressure on prices due to either increased patronage or decreased capacity.

This figure is the average percentage usage of capacity available in the quarter. Use this figure to compare to the usage (demand) of capacity for your business, region or sector.  

This figure is the percentage change in usage compared to the same quarter last year. 

This chart is the trend in average percentage usage of capacity over time. Trend data showing increased usage (demand) of capacity indicates an opportunity to increase prices in the medium term or invest in greater capacity in the long term.