China Ready Marketing

This workshop is suited to anyone looking to expand their business in the China market and is complemented by the China Ready Workshop. 

How can tourism businesses in Australia utilise the phenomenal communication and payment technologies used in China?

In this workshop, you can learn the basics of WeChat, and which type of account you could be using. You will learn how to add contacts, and how to communicate using this tool to potential agents and suppliers. You will also hear from industry experts on the best way to work with China-approved Inbound Tour Operators (ITOs). 

A recent study shows 84 per cent of people in China are willing and able to replace cash with mobile payment. WeChat Pay allows local merchants to receive payments to their Australian accounts within a shorter time frame and at a lower transaction cost than credit cards. Already more than 10,000 shops and restaurants in Australia are using the WeChat Pay system. You will get an understanding of how this and other payment platforms work and if it is right for your business.

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If you would like to arrange a workshop for your business or destination contact Tourism Council WA on 9416 0700.