Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

Payment of fees for new registrations for the Quality Tourism Framework will only be accepted by direct debit.  Businesses renewing their annual access to the Quality Tourism Framework may also choose to pay their renewal fees by direct debit.

The business shall provide such documentation as will be required by Tourism Council WA (the Council) to facilitate payment by direct debit.

Terms applicable to direct debits are:

  1. the fees will be withdrawn from the nominated bank account on the payment date advised by Tourism Council WA;
  2. withdrawals shall be made every month, unless requested by the business to be withdrawn quarterly or annually;
  3. the direct debit facility must be available for a minimum of twelve months;
  4. the direct debit payments can be amended or discontinued by the business only by the provision of written notice provided more than 60 days prior to the end of the term;
  5. in the event that the member’s direct debit facility fails, and the Quality Tourism Framework fees are unable to be withdrawn, the Council will attempt to exercise a withdrawal on one further  occasion. Should this further attempt be unsuccessful, the Council shall issue an invoice to the business for all outstanding fees, which shall be due and payable within 30 days of the date of the invoice;
  6. the business may be responsible and liable for any dishonour fees.