Directors Elections 2023

The following information and requirements are provided for the benefit of Members and potential candidates for election as a Director of Tourism Council WA. It is the responsibility of candidates to inform themselves of, and comply with, the Constitution, Policies and process detailed below.


Constitution and Board Policies

Director elections and duties are undertaken in accordance with the Constitution and policies determined by the Board. Current policies include:


Directors Fees

There are no fees paid to Directors as remuneration for their services as Directors. Travel requirements associated with attending meetings of Directors are addressed by the Directors Travel Expenses policy.


Candidate Eligibility Requirements

1. The Member business must be an Accredited Tourism Business and a financial Ordinary Member for at least two consecutive years as at the date of nomination. The individual candidate must be an owner or employee of the financial Ordinary Member and be authorised by the Member to nominate as a candidate.

2.  The individual candidate must have attended either the WA Tourism Awards Gala Evening or the WA Tourism Conference, and at least one other TCWA event, training workshop or member webinar in the 12 months prior to the date of nomination.

3. The individual candidate must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience working in the tourism industry in the past 10 years.

4. The individual candidate must be politically neutral and cannot be:

  • an elected office holder in a registered political party; or
  • an elected Federal, State or Local government representative; or
  • a staff member of an elected government representative.


Candidate Nomination

Candidate can email the Nomination Forms to the Returning Officer via before the close of nominations.

Eligibility to Vote in Directors Election

Ordinary Members must have paid all outstanding membership fees to be eligible to vote. Only financial Ordinary Members of Tourism Council WA can vote in the Directors Election. This includes Industry Leaders, Tourism Alliance, and Tourism Business Members.

The primary contact of the Ordinary Member in the Tourism Council WA membership database will receive the ballot. Multiple Ordinary Members may authorise the same primary contact for their businesses.

Please note that an individual cannot be an Ordinary Member of Tourism Council WA.  Only businesses (including sole traders, partnerships and companies), incorporated associations, government bodies and authorities, and other organisations (not being individuals) operating in or involved in the tourism industry shall qualify as Ordinary Members. Individuals, students and other Associate Members are not eligible to vote.