Gold Membership

Gold Membership is suitable for large businesses, major precincts and properties, major attractions, leading industry associations, accommodation chains, and top-level investors and suppliers in the tourism industry. Gold Membership is ideal for CEO-level participation in tourism policy and direct advocacy on major tourism projects. Gold level services are CEO-level services in addition to accreditation for businesses providing a service to visitors. 

Gold Membership Services

  • Industry Policy and Representation
    • Direct input into identifying and prioritising the key policy issues facing the tourism industry.
    • Professional representation to reduce red tape and taxes, enhance infrastructure and improve destination promotion.
    • Involvement in assembly of industry leaders to discuss, debate and determine tourism industry policy with the TCWA Board.
    • Rights to vote for the Tourism Council WA Board and all other rights prescribed by the TCWA Constitution.
  • Industry Events & Networking
    • Complimentary regional networking events to discuss local issues, business development and TCWA policy agenda.
    • VIP seating at industry events with VIP guest speakers, providing opportunities for insights, networking and to raise issues.
    • Invitation to exclusive Boardroom Luncheons with Ministers and VIP guest speakers, presenting an unique opportunity to raise issues directly with key decision makers.
    • Invitation to exclusive Industry Leaders functions with the TCWA Board, industry leaders and VIP guests. 
  • Tourism Training
  • Business Development
    • Complimentary advanced report on the latest tourism data for your business, tailored to your business, destination or market.
    • Instant advice and referral on government regulation and tourism industry issues from our team of Industry Advisors.
    • Leading edge marketing strategies, business plans, feasibility studies, project reports and grants applications by our team of preferred professional consultants.
    • Major professional project advocacy on industry and government endorsement, planning, approval, infrastructure and investment decisions for your tourism project.
    • Discounted services from reputable tourism industry service providers ranging from first aid and insurance to marketing and advertising.

To join as a Gold Member, contact Tourism Council WA via email.