Develop Your Business: Online Guide

If you are new to the tourism industry, or in need of a refresher, this guide is designed to give you the knowledge needed to make your business a success. Using the links below you will find information about how the tourism industry is structured, who the main players are, what steps you need to take to get your tourism venture off the ground, essential marketing avenues to pursue, as well as a wealth of useful resources and guides, such as interactive pricing tools. 

Understanding the Tourism Industry

Like most industries, the tourism industry requires you to have industry-specific knowledge and information to create and run a successful business. Understanding which agency does what, the distribution systems, recommended rates of commission, and the roles of various booking agents is essential for a sustainable profitable business.

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Before You Start

It takes more than just a great product or service to succeed in business. There are crucial steps to undertake before you dive head first into your business such as market research, planning and financial management. 

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Tourism Marketing

There are many marketing avenues that you can pursue, however trying to decide which ones will work for you can be the difficult. Are you going to start a public relations strategy, target the international market by attending trade and consumer shows, or focus on online marketing. Whatever marketing avenues you decide to pursue just remember to plan ahead and develop a strong marketing strategy.

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Pricing Tools, Checklists & Templates

We’ve developed and compiled some practical resources that you can use in your everyday business operations, such as interactive pricing tools to help you calculate your room or per person rate, wholesale rate sheets, and checklists and templates to help you systemise your tour operation.

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