Export ready checklist

Retail Travel Agents, Tour Wholesalers and Inbound Tour Operators are on the lookout for quality products that they can package and sell.  Answer the questions below to determine if your product is 'export ready', the more 'yes' answers you can give the closer you are to working with international distributors.

Download an editable version of this checklist 

Have you been operating for at least 12 months?  
Can you provide quick confirmation of a booking?  
Do you fully understand the concept of commission and net rates?  
Do you fully understand the roles within the tourism distribution channels?  
Is your product reliable with consistent opening times and regular schedules?  
Do you understand the cultural needs of different markets?  
Is your pricing consistent across all levels of distribution?  
Are your rates set for at least 12 months in advance?  
Is it easy to make a booking with you via e-mail, phone or fax?  
Is there a demand for your product from overseas markets?  
Have you identified which international markets your product appeals to?  
Do visitors from this market already visit your region?  
Can you always deliver what you promise in your brochure and website?  
Do you attend industry briefings and updates?  
Have you joined the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC)?  
Can your product be packaged with other products?  
Do you have a credit management system in place?  
Do you monitor your cash-flow?  
Are you an accredited business?  
Is your public liability insurance relevant and up-to-date?