Is your property ready for paying guests checklist

A number of factors will determine whether your property is suitable for paying guests.

Use the questions below to help you determine if you are ready to enter the world of hosted tourism.

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Is your property near a major town?  
Is your property near any major tourist attractions?  
Does your region attract a large number of visitors?  
Are there sealed roads near your property?  
Are there convenient public transport routes?  
Does your region have attractive scenery?  
Will the local council and the Department of Main Roads allow you to promote your property with signs?  


Is your property in excellent condition, both inside and out?  
Do you have buildings or rooms already available?  
Do you have adequate amenities?  
Do you have private space for guests, like a second lounge area?  
Do you have adequate kitchen facilities?  
Is there a river or lake near your property?  
Is there a safe playground area for children?  
Do you have BBQ facilities?  
Do you have enough parking for guests' cars?



Can you provide a range of interesting activities for guests, such as boating, fishing, bush walking, farm activities, sports, horse riding etc...

Remember: What may seem everyday and 'boring' to you could be the most amazing, life changing experience for someone else!

Have you approached neighbouring properties, local tour operators or community groups about working together to provide a package itinerary?  


Are you ready to work long hours?  
Have you determined who will be cleaning the rooms?  
Have you determined who will be cooking the meals (if provided)?  
Do you have a comprehensive telephone system?  Can you take bookings 24/7 or only at limited times?  
Do you have a guest feedback and registration process organised?  
Have you considered house rules?  Will you explain these to visitors or provide them with a list?  
Will you sell any products from your home, such as gifts, local produce?