Ready to start checklist

Successful people achieve their dreams by being active and pursuing them. A great way for you to get started is to make a list and work your way through it.

Use this list to help get you going!

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Developed a thorough understanding of the tourism industry?  
Decided that you have the enthusiasm, dedication and drive required to work in this industry?  
Assessed the level of accreditation you will need to succeed in this industry?  
Analysed your skill level and identified any relevant strengths and weaknesses?  
Conducted a feasibility study of your business idea and discovered whether your idea is commercially viable?  
Undertaken as much market research as possible?  
Scrutinised your competitors and identified your business's unique strengths and weaknesses?  
Worked out the start up costs and ongoing financial requirements for your business?  
Worked out your costing and pricing structure?  
Drafted a business plan and had a professional look over it for you?  
Received all the appropriate licences, approvals and registrations you will need?  
Formulated a targeted marketing plan?