Media and Public Relations

Tour operators can draw attention to their businesses by being ‘newsworthy’ and gaining free publicity in newspapers and magazines. Large businesses may employ a public relations (PR) professional to generate news stories and media releases which are distributed to the media.

While smaller operators may not be able to employ the services of a PR professional, you can derive great benefits by maintaining a close liaison with your local media and travel writers of State newspapers, local publications and papers. Keep them informed of new developments that might be of interest and have a go at writing your own media release.

What is a Media Release?

A media release is a document you send out to the media detailing anything that could be classified as ‘news’. Journalists take this media release and if they find it interesting, they write an article about it. Best of all, any promotion your business gets as a result is FREE! But, it’s very competitive. So, how do you make sure that your media release is the one that grabs the attention of journalists?

Benefits of getting a published media release include:

  • FREE marketing through the media avenue that publishes your release
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Great way to build your brand
  • Great way to gain credibility within the industry and set yourself up as an 'expert'
  • Great for search engine optimisation


Familiarisations or 'famils' are media or trade visits that are organised through Tourism WA, either through Tourism Australia's hosting program or through Tourism WA's own media and trade activities.

Media are invited to visit WA and to write or talk about their experiences on their return home. These visits generate significant publicity and exposure for Western Australia and the tourism products included in the famils.

Tourism operators that participate in famils need to observe some general guidelines that will maximise the benefits from their involvement and contribute to the success of the visit.

Where famils for a similar product are offered, preference is given to accredited operators. If you wish to be involved or require more information, please visit the Tourism WA website.

Other Promotional Opportunities

There are opportunities to promote your tourism product through television and radio via:

  • interviews,
  • donating prizes for competitions, 
  • using community service announcements - to promote an achievement or activity of your business (this is more likely in regional areas),
  • Holiday and lifestyle programs also offer excellent promotional opportunities.

To learn more about how to maximise media and PR attend the Promotion & Publicity for Your Tourism Business workshop.