Networking and Memberships

It is very important to network, especially in the early stages of your business. Tourism is all about relationships and making people aware of what you offer.

It is your responsibility to ensure that third party sellers such as visitor centres, travel agents, wholesalers and inbound tour operators are familiar with your product.

Below are some of the organisations that you might consider joining:

  • YOUR LOCAL VISITOR CENTRE - Your local visitor centre can be a great marketing avenue. They usually get a lot of walk in traffic and also promote extensively through their website. Most VCs have a tiered membership structure. 

  • YOUR REGIONAL TOURISM ORGANISATION - There are many benefits associated with aligning your business with a Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO). The most notable is the domestic and international marketing reach they have and the affordability of partnering with them to promote your product. 

  • OTHER TOURISM INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS - There is a wide variety of tourism associations that cater to specific industry groups, such as backpackers or Bed and Breakfast operators. They all offer varying membership benefits, including great networking opportunities.

To find out more about the various associations within the tourism industry and who does what, visit our 'Who's Who in the Tourism Industry' page

Top Tips to Keep Third-party Sellers Informed

  1. Provide special rates to people working in retail agencies to encourage staff to experience your product.
  2. Offer agents a familiarisation of your tour or service.
  3. Send regular newsletters or other direct forms of communications.
  4. Ensure that agents have current brochures and rates.
  5. Participate in wholesale programs.