Packaging and Bundling

What is Packaging?

Packaging is the way that associated products and services are put together to form a package deal, for example:

  • A motel operator may develop a package that includes transport and tickets to a local concert and evening meal as part of a total package - the operator benefits by ensuring that guests dine in-house, while customers don't have to spend time considering their options.

Packaging offers great opportunities to target specific markets and explore new ones, particularly during shoulder and off season periods

Whilst 'packaging' tourism products might include flights, transfers, basic meals and activities, 'bundling' tourism products is quite different.

What is Bundling?

Product 'bundling' is about providing complementary products to like-minded travellers.

Rather that dictating the experiences that a visitor will have, it focuses on making them aware of what your business AND your region has to offer. It assists in making a visit to your area more appealing by enhancing the perceived value of the overall experience.

  • It could be as simple as having links to other organisations' websites on your website, or
  • It could involve joining forces with other businesses in your region to create more substantial marketing activity and promotions.

Most importantly, the key to effectively 'bundling' your experience is to cross-promote like-minded experiences that enhance the overall visitor experience in your region.

Working together to develop attractive deals that encourage visitors into the region not only benefits an individual operator, but the region as a whole by greater visitor numbers and increased expenditure.