Programs & Accreditation

Tourism Council WA offers a range of program and accreditation options to assist you develop your tourism business through the online Quality Tourism program.

The Quality Tourism program combines multiple tourism accreditation, business development and awards programs into a single, user-friendly online tool to develop your business and grow your market, paired with new, modern branding to promote your status as a Quality Tourism Accredited Business.

The Quality Tourism program enables you to develop your business from start-up through to niche markets and international trade channels, in order to develop a sustainable tourism business that can compete and prosper.

Find out more about the programs available via the links below.

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Tourism Accreditation assists your business to meet and exceed your customers' expectations while establishing and updating business policies and procedures to ensure ongoing sustainability and best practice.


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Accessible Tourism is about developing tourism destinations, businesses and experiences  to make them accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age.


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Sustainable Tourism programs guide business to create high-quality, engaging and memorable visitor experiences addressing the global demand for sustainable tourism.


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EcoStar Accreditation assists businesses in achieving environmental sustainability and recognises a business’s commitment to environmental management.

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Marine Tourism Accreditation is designed to help WA Marine Tourism Businesses address and be rewarded for meeting WA Marine Tour Operators Best Practice Standards and recognise their commitment to professional and ethical conduct operating in WA’s pristine marine environment.

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China Ready Accreditation is a global accreditation system that identifies products and services that Chinese consumers can trust.


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Visitor Centre Accreditation raises the standards of information services and recognises Visitor Centres which have achieved certain quality standards in their service provision and operational systems.