Tourism Boost Mentoring Program: Online & International Bookings

Applications are now open for the 2023-24 Tourism Boost program. Click here to complete the Expression of Interest form.

The Tourism Boost Online & International Bookings Program is a free mentoring program funded through Tourism Western Australia and delivered by Tourism Council WA. The program aims to improve the growth of WA tourism businesses to sell their product online and introduce new WA tourism product to relevant markets.

Tourism Boost is designed to assist tourism businesses at various levels of market readiness across the state and is delivered in two streams: online self-assessment and a one-on-one mentoring program.


1) Boost Online Bookings Self-Assessment 

Discover how to promote your product and reach millions of potential customers by making your online tools do the work for you! The Online Self-Assessment is designed to assist your business in improving your marketing capability direct to consumers (B2C). This includes best practice guidance in website, social media and online booking capability.

What's involved?

After completing an Expression of Interest form, the next step is to work through a custom built online self-diagnostic tool. Upon completion of the diagnostic you will receive a detailed online marketing action plan that will assist your business with the tourism boost it needs.

What outcomes can I expect?

The Self-Assessment will assist you to reach the following outcomes:

  • Connection to your RTO (if not previously).
  • Identify a suitable online booking system (if not previously).
  • Connect your product to an OTA (Online Travel Agency) partner to secure online bookings.

Businesses will receive an action plan that will identify priority general marketing functions to be improved. 


2) Boost International Bookings

Expand your markets and increase revenue by targeting the international customer through traditional international marketing activities. Mentoring is designed to connect you (the supplier) to the wider tourism industry as part of a complete tourism trade marketing strategy (B2B), allowing you to reach interstate and international markets cost effectively.

What's involved?

After completing an Expression of Interest form, the next step is to work through a custom-built diagnostic tool with one of our Specialist Industry Advisors (mentor). Upon completion of the diagnostic, your mentor will prepare a detailed international marketing action plan and work with you to help give your business the tourism boost it needs.

What outcomes can I expect?

Your mentor will assist you to reach the following program outcomes:

  • Contracted in one or more domestic and/or international Wholesaler, ITO or Tour Operators programs, through acceptance of contracted rates (if not previously).
  • Contracted rates resulting in an online listing or brochure inclusion with a Wholesaler, ITO or Tour Operators program (if not previously).
  • Inclusion in one or more domestic and/or international Wholesaler, ITO or Tour Operators holiday packages or experience itineraries (if not previously).

Your mentor will work with you to achieve the outcomes of the program and a combination of the up-skilling and your efforts will see these outcomes achieved. It is important to note that this also represents a commitment on your part to make these outcomes deliverable.

During your mentoring, the time allocated will be focused on the outcomes and though there are many other marketing, branding and product development issues that will be raised, the workload around these is outside of the scope of work covered in the free mentoring. Your mentor will be skilled in many of the elements you wish to explore and this can be taken up with the mentor.

Who should apply?

Brand new or established tourism businesses of all sizes which are looking to diversify their income stream and are interested in learning more about how to better distribute their product online and/or engage with international markets should apply. 

Any tourism and hospitality business can apply to participate in the Tourism Boost Online & International Bookings Program, however businesses are required to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Currently accredited or registered to complete the Quality Tourism Framework (formerly Australian Tourism Accreditation Program).
  • Have a listing or in the process of obtaining a listing on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse.

*Tourism Businesses with extensive industry experience and international distribution are not eligible to receive mentoring through this program.


What do I have to commit to?

You will need to show commitment in the following areas:

  • TIME – Completing all the actions assigned to you will take time, but these recommendations could be critical to the future success of your business. Each action is itemised with easy to follow instructions designed to help you complete them in your own time, we've even ordered them by priority to create a simple step-by-step task list. 
  • ADVICE - Your mentor or the team of Industry Advisors are able to assist and help you to complete your action items. Our Specialist Industry Advisors have years of experience in the tourism industry and are keen to share that knowledge with you. Each business will be allocated up to 15 hours of mentoring in the International stream.
  • MARKETING SPEND - There is no financial commitment required to be a part of Tourism BOOST, as the service is fully funded. However, as you work through your action items some suggestions may require marketing spend. We really try to keep your expenses down and opt for activities that give you the best bang for buck, but sometimes you do have to spend money to make money.


How do I apply?

To participate in the program, please send us an email to express your interest.

If you are not yet registered for the Quality Tourism Framework, sign up here.