3D Virtual Tours

EventSpace3D is Perth’s leading 3D agency for online virtual walkthrough tours in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry, capturing venues, spaces, places, indoors and outdoors.

Venues are jumping on board as they are able to instantly offer deals and discounts that are changeable between daily and weekly, and also offer special promotional messages, videos, and bookings in their immersive walkthrough virtual tours. 

The 3D tours are all measurable and trackable benefitting the venues, downloadable to mobile devices to benefit the visitors/tourists, and are perfect for showcasing venues and attractions, locally and remotely.

A by-product of these 3D tours is the amount of paper and associated printing costs that will be saved.

A Snapshot of available services:

  • Fully Immersive 3D Virtual Walkthrough Tours - Indoors and Outdoors
  • Dynamic Social Media 3D Videos & 3D Website Videos
  • Professional VoiceOver 3D Videos
  • Professional Foreign Language VoiceOver 3D Videos
  • Measurable QR Code Campaigns
  • Active "Hot-Spot" Info Tag Campaigns inside your 3D Tour
  • 360 Photography
  • Creators of Maps3D

EventSpace3D has a comprehensive list of amazing venues and places in virtual walkthrough 3D, and would be keen to Bring Your Space To Life™

Have a look at a few examples here: www.eventspace3d.com

With every 3D virtual tour for TCWA members, EventSpace3D are pleased to offer a complementary video formatted for social media. In addition, Eventspace3D provide special pricing for the 3D tours to be uploaded to TCWA member's Google My Business pages. 

For more information, visit the EventSpace3D website or contact them on 0432 266 022.