Business Planning & Advice

Tourism Council WA members have access to a great range of complimentary business planning services, including: 

  • eTourism Coaching - Personalised coaching in your own business, tailored to your business needs. Improve your online tourism marketing, social media presence, bookings and sales. Click here for more information.
  • Tourism Statistics & Analysis - Latest tourism data for your business, destination or market. Our data reports provide in-depth analysis for strategy, planning, performance and investment decisions.
  • Tourism Advice Line - Instant advice and referral on government regulation and tourism industry issues from our team of Industry Advisors.
  • Tourism Consulting - Leading-edge marketing strategies, business plans, feasibility studies, project reports and grant applications by our team of preferred professional consultants. 
  • Discounted Services - Discounts from reputable tourism industry service providers ranging from first aid and insurance to marketing and advertising. Click here for a list of discounted services.

For more details on the above services, contact an Industry Advisor via email or phone (08) 9416 0700.