Digital, Mobile and Software Development

Discovery is a Western Australian digital, mobile, and software development firm. They help their clients to capture data, optimise operations, and enhance customer experiences with applications, software, and digital platforms.  

Some examples:

  • Contactless digital – payment, ticketing, boarding;
  • Applications and mobile –ordering, queuing, booking, self-check-in/out;
  • Web – property management, data analytics, video analytics and face recognition;
  • Integrations – making different cloud platforms ‘talk’ to each other and ‘share’ data.

Their contact details are below, and they're happy to discuss the potential of your project or idea via phone call or email, and then schedule a consultation where appropriate.

Essie Mitchell - Head of Digital and Product
M: 0404 403 384

Dean Horton - Executive Director
M: 0487 535 051