Using Social Media & Customer Service to Improve the Customer Journey

This is an intermediate workshop that is suitable for participants with an understanding of customer service, social media and digital marketing.

For most travellers, their experience with your business begins online, and a clear customer strategy can help you create more leads, convert more sales and strengthen your relationship with your customers. This workshop will help you identify the key digital stages in the customer journey and how to effectively manage and influence them.

Throughout the workshop, you will revise your customer service skills and hear advice on how to engage with your customers online to improve your businesses’ reputation.

Topics will include:

  • An overview of the customer journey
  • Identification of the relationship between customer service and digital media
  • The dimensions of customer service
  • Making first impressions count online and offline
  • Handling complaints
  • Upselling
  • Social media and online reviews
  • Engaging with your audience

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