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  • Tourism Pulse data dashboard - use the data dashboard to view current insights and future outlooks on business activity, prices, demand and investment as well as the most recent data on visitor arrivals, trends and forecasts. 
  • Economic Estimators - use the estimators to forecast the economic value of a proposed tourism activity or to report on the economic value as a result of the tourism activity.
  • Pricing Tools - these will guide you through the process of setting or reviewing your product prices by considering all the factors which influence cost.

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Information about accessible tourism and how you can improve the accessibility of your tourism product, including: 

  • Webinar panel discussions by industry leaders
  • Accessible Tourism Forum presentations
  • Accessible Tourism advice 
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The latest insights from Tourism Council WA's Business Activity Survey and Travellers' Intention Survey, alongside other research and information, including: 

  • Webinars
  • Industry insights
  • Market survey results
  • Managing customer feedback & reputation with ReviewPro
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Samples and templates relevant to a range of tourism experiences and activities, including: 

  • Activity plan templates
  • Risk management guidelines
  • Emergency contact & medical information templates
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Helpful blog posts to assist your business with a range of programs, issues and industry topics

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Guides and tools to enhance your business planning and strategies, including: 

  • How to find grants webinar
  • Business plan template
  • SWOT analysis template
  • Goal setting and strategising training 
  • Action plan template
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The latest Terms & Conditions for tourism businesses, as well as compliance information, including: 

  • Privacy details
  • 2023 Terms & Conditions for tours, attractions, events & activities
  • 2023 Terms & Conditions for accommodation
  • Licenses, permits & regulations checklist
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A range of documents relevant to tourism businesses in the cultural and heritage space, including:

  • How to start a cultural tourism business
  • Indigenous tourism partnership considerations checklist
  • In your business a cultural and heritage tourism business checklist
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A range of documents to assist in the delivery of high-quality customer service.

  • Arrival briefing template
  • Cancellation policy template
  • Complaints handling checklist
  • Telephone etiquette guide
  • Email etiquette guide
  • Accommodation compendium guide
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Samples and calculators to manage your budget and determine your product pricing, including:

  • Balance sheet template
  • Initial startup costs calculator
  • Operating expenses calculator
  • Sales forecast calculator
  • Cash flow forecast tool 
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Helpful documents relating to the service of food and alcohol, including: 

  • Liquor licence exemption for accredited businesses
  • Cleaning and sanitising template
  • Food Handler Policy
  • Complimentary alcohol guide
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Tools for businesses to review to ensure best practices in governance, including: 

  • Model constitution for VC, LTO and Tourism Associations template
  • Model objectives for VC, LTO and Tourism Associations template
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A range of pre-written job descriptions relevant to tourism businesses, including: 

  • Chef
  • Relief manager
  • Room attendant 
  • Receptionist
  • Dive instructor
  • Cleaner
  • And more!
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Templates and guides to manage employee performance and offboarding, including: 

  • Termination letter template
  • Employee exit interview template
  • Termination process guide
  • Employee evaluation and training need template
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Templated human resource policies to use in your tourism business, including: 

  • Workplace anti-bullying and anti-harassment policy template
  • Social media policy template
  • Alcohol and drugs policy template
  • Staff reimbursement policy template
  • Uniform and dress code guide
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Templates, checklists and guides to assist with recruitment and onboarding of new staff, including:

  • Contract of employment template
  • New employee checklist
  • Reference check email template
  • Unsuccessful candidate email template
  • Writing a job ad guide
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Videos and templates to help you plan and implement your marketing strategy, including:

  • Guide to working with travel writers and bloggers
  • Facebook retargeting webinar
  • Marketing plan template
  • Tourism marketing principles
  • Social media strategic plan template
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Guides and templates for the creation of operational policies and procedures, including: 

  • Creating a password policy 
  • Operating procedures
  • Cleaning and maintenance daily procedure template
  • Selecting contractors checklist
  • Quality assurance policy template
  • Tour operation systems checklist
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Samples and templates to identify and manage safety issues in your business, including: 

  • Health & safety protocols
  • Safe work procedures 
  • Slips, trips and falls prevention checklist
  • Risk management policy statement 
  • Chemical handling list template
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Review your environmental practices using these resources, including: 

  • Developing an environmental policy
  • Environmental accreditation
  • Environmental best practices 
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Operating in National parks and reserves
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A range of resources to assist Visitor Centres with day-to-day operations and marketing, including: 

  • Golden i flag order form
  • Golden i mat order form
  • The influence of visitor centres report
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