Tourism Pulse Data Dashboard

tourism pulse

The Tourism Pulse data dashboard provides tourism businesses and destinations with current insights and future outlooks on business activity, prices, demand and investment as well as the most recent data on visitor arrivals, trends and forecasts. 

The dashboard utilises several national, state and business data sources for different sectors and regions including exclusive data from Tourism Council WA. The data is kept up to date to allow tourism businesses and destinations to make informed decisions.

How To Use

To use the dashboard, click on the left and right arrows at the bottom to navigate the different pages. You can also click on the page number and select the page you wish to view. Click on the expand button on the bottom right to open the dashboard in full-screen mode and press the Esc key to exit the full-screen mode. 

On the sidebar, you can select the quarter you wish to filter the data by, along with business sector, size of the business and region. Hover your mouse over the question marks to learn more about the data you are viewing, and click on the information icon located on the left hand side of the title to understand the data on each page, along with its source.