Tourism Pulse Sources

1. Tourism Council WA, Business Activity Survey (TCWA BAS)

The TCWA BAS is a quarterly survey of tourism businesses across WA. The survey typically receives more than 300 responses and has a margin of error of +/-5%. Please note this survey is a measure of tourism business activity, not visitors.

Net business activity is the percentage of businesses reporting stronger activity less the percentage of businesses reporting weaker activity, compared to the same quarter last year. Business activity includes revenue, turnover, bookings, patrons, departures, occupancy, and other activity as reported by businesses. Business activity is more volatile than visitation.

The TCWA BAS is released within a fortnight of the end of the quarter and is more timely data than visitor surveys which are typically released more than three months after the end of the quarter.


2. Australian Bureau of Statistics, Consumer Price Index, Holiday Travel & Accommodation (ABS CPI HTA ) 

The ABS CPI includes a consumer price sub index for holiday travel and accommodation. CPI is published monthly and is the most recent data on prices paid by consumers for travel and accommodation (this does not include prices for restaurants and take away, or recreational and cultural services). 


3. Tourism Research Australia, Tourism Forecasts for Australia (TRA TFA)

Published annually, this report forecasts future growth in domestic visitor nights and inbound arrivals to Australia.


4. Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics, Overseas Arrivals and Departures. (BITRE, OAD)
The data is collected from passenger arrival cards at air and seaports. While most STVA to WA are through Perth Airport international terminals, it does include passengers arriving at other ports and transferring domestically to WA. The data is produced monthly but is not published until after Perth Airport data.

STVA is a count of passenger movements, not international visitors, and includes all visitor types such as international students. While STVA is not a measure of actual international visitor numbers it is the most recent data on the trend (increase or decrease) in international visitors to WA.


5. Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research, Domestic Aviation Activity and Airport Traffic Data

Passenger movements include both arrivals and departures and include both WA residents and visitors. Passenger movements also include FIFO workers. Most passenger movements are intrastate visitors.