WA Market - Destinations / Experiences / Transport / Accommodation

This chart shows the percentage demand for WA destinations/experiences/accommodation types/means of transport by intrastate visitors intending to travel in WA in the next 6-Months. (Source: TCWA WA TIS)

Please note this data is only of WA residents intending to travel in WA in the next 6-Months. This data is not a measure of actual travel, but of potential intrastate demand.

Use this data to identify target markets for your region, town or business sector. This target market data can be refined for demographics (gender, age, employment status, income, household and residential location) or destination, transport method, accommodation booked or planned experiences.

For the most recent seasonal data (i.e. Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring) select Latest Season. For longer term seasonal data select Last 3 Seasons i.e. same season for the last three years. For the most recent annual data select Last 12 Months. For longer term annual data select Last 3 Years. 

The minimum sample size is 80 respondents. If sample size is not reached, please select a longer period e.g. Last 3 Seasons or Last 3 Years