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Welcome to the official website of Visitor Centres Western Australia (VCWA), the peak industry body

representing Visitor Centres and the visitor servicing industry in WA.

Our mission is to be a strong tourism representative on matters that impact visitor servicing, while assisting members with long-term sustainability and providing networking opportunities within our vibrant industry.

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Visitor Centre Governance

The following is a model Constitution for a Visitor Centre or local tourism association that should be incorporated as a non-profit company limited by guarantee under the federal Corporations Act 2001. If you trade interstate (e.g. accept bookings, have significant assets or want a high level of governance) you should consider incorporation under this Act. If you are a small organisation with minimal budget and assets and do not trade interstate, then you should consider incorporation under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015.

Model Objectives - VCs, LTOs & Tourism Associations

Model Constitution - VCs, LTOs & Tourism Association 

Tourism Boost Online Guide

If you are new to the tourism industry, or in need of a refresher, the Tourism Boost Online Guide is designed to give you the knowledge needed to make your business a success. In the guide, you will find information about how the tourism industry is structured, who the main players are, what steps you need to take to get your tourism venture off the ground, essential marketing avenues to pursue, as well as a wealth of useful resources and guides, such as interactive pricing tools.

Click here to access the guide.