Marine Tourism Accreditation

Marine Tourism Accredited Business logo

Marine Tourism Accreditation is a module of the Quality Tourism Framework specifically designed to help WA Marine Tourism Businesses address and be rewarded for meeting WA Marine Tour Operators Best Practice Standards. By becoming Marine Tourism Accredited, businesses have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and ethical conduct operating in Western Australia’s pristine marine environment.

Marine Tourism Accreditation Standards

The standards of the Marine Tourism Accreditation include:

Business Operations

  • Registration, Insurance and Licensing.
  • Marine Qualifications.

Marine Operations

  • Compliance with Risk Management and Safety Standards.
  • Sound Environmental and Sustainability Practices.

Customer Operations

  • Professional Customer Service.
  • Social and Cultural Sustainability.

Businesses must read and demonstrate a commitment to the WA Marine Tour Operators Best Practice Standards. A Marine Tourism Accreditation Guide is available to assist you through the process.

Marine Tourism Accreditation Benefits

Marine Tourism Accredited businesses will:

  • Be able to display the Marine Tourism Accreditation logo in all business marketing and advertising.
  • Be recognised as having met WA Marine Tour Operators Best Practice Standards.
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and ethical conduct operating in Western Australia’s pristine marine environment.

How to Apply

Businesses accredited through the Quality Tourism Framework automatically meet the required general tourism business standards for accreditation and only need to be assessed for the Marine Tourism Accreditation standards.

To be assessed simply contact an Industry Advisor at Tourism Council WA on (08) 9416 0700 or send us an email and we will provide you with the Marine Tourism Accreditation information.