Provide Complimentary Alcohol without a Liquor Licence

Quality Tourism Accredited Business are eligible to provide complimentary alcohol without a liquor licence. This applies to all Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses including accommodation providers, attractions, tour operators, retail businesses and other accredited tourism businesses.

What You Can Do

  • Provide the type and amount of complimentary alcohol that best serves your customers' needs.
  • Advertise that your tourism experience includes complimentary alcohol.
  • Develop tourism experiences and packages with Inbound Tour Operators (ITOs), Wholesalers or other intermediaries that includes complimentary alcohol.


  • Provide a glass of champagne on arrival or a nip of whisky on a star gazing tour.
  • Provide a complimentary self-service mini bar in guest area, room or safari tent.
  • Advertise a six course degustation menu including complimentary matching wines.
  • Place bottles of wine on a table for guest’s self-service during a meal.
  • Provide an esky of cold beers to guests at a BBQ dinner.
  • Provide a bottle of champagne or wine as part of a picnic package.
  • Create a dining experience with alcohol at your attraction (e.g. historic building).

What You Must Do

What You Don’t Have To Do

  • You do not have to impose the previous limit of 5 standard drinks in 24 hours on individuals.
  • You do not have to invest time and resources in applying for a liquor licence.

Where You Can Provide Alcohol

  • On your own land/premises or on someone else’s land if you have their permission.
  • In National Parks which have granted permission to all Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses.
  • In lands managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (excluding Perth Zoo) which have granted permission to all Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses.
  • On State/Local Government land (e.g. beaches, but only if you have permission).
  • You cannot provide alcohol at a licenced premises such as a winery or hotel.
  • You cannot provide alcohol to guests on a public road.
  • You cannot provide alcohol in a declared liquor restricted area.

What You Can’t Do

  • You cannot supply liquor to anyone who is drunk or under the age of 18.
  • You cannot sell individual serves of alcohol, or prepacked alcohol, to guests.
  • You cannot sell your tour, accommodation or other tourism experience to an individual customer at different prices depending upon whether alcohol is included.
  • You cannot provide a “booze cruise” or other experience that is primarily about the consumption of alcohol.
  • You cannot encourage rapid consumption of alcohol such as shots, test tubes, laybacks or drinking games.
  • You cannot undertake practices or behaviours that could be damaging to customers or to the dignity and integrity of the tourism industry.

Need Assistance

If you want to check your eligibility to provide alcohol, or would like assistance seeking permission to provide alcohol from State and Local authorities, please email us.