Industry Leader Membership

Have direct input in industry policy development, access member forums to share solutions, find industry partners, and exchange staff, and directly shape the future of our industry when you become an Industry Leader Member. 

As a member, you’ll have instant access to hundreds of best practice resources, exclusive invitations to CEO-level leadership events, and receive tailored advocacy and representation, designed to propel your organisation and our industry forward, together.

Plus, you’ll receive a 50% discount to enter the Australian Tourism Awards—an incredible chance to get recognised for your hard work and dedication to the tourism industry!

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What's Included

The Industry Leader Membership is designed for CEOs and General Managers of Western Australia’s major tourism investors and operators. When you become a member, you’ll have exclusive access to the following benefits.

  • Direct representation on issues that affect businesses, including regulation, marketing and events, parks and environment, planning and infrastructure, aviation and transport, and workforce development
  • Public affairs support and advice with media presence, editorial networks and public affairs expertise
  • Invitation to Industry Leader events and forums providing direct input into tourism industry policy development
  • Advice on Federal and State Government policy and requirements
  • Input into Tourism Council WA policy development and advocacy
  • Advice on business-specific government relations issues
  • Three votes per Industry Leader in Tourism Council WA Directors Elections and General Meetings
  • Quality Tourism Accreditation, product and market development including:
    • Sustainable, eco, marine, adventure and accessible tourism.
    • Accommodation star rating.
    • Digital distribution, trade and international ready.
  • 50% discount to enter the Australian Tourism Awards.
  • Listing on,, and other websites via Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW).
  • Marketing of accredited and award-winning businesses and licence to use trademarks.
  • ReviewPro reputation management account to manage online reviews.
  • Over 150 best practise tourism business and legal documents ranging from booking terms & conditions to waivers, contracts, marketing plans and evacuation procedures. 
  • On-demand webinars on tourism marketing, legal, financial and risk management issues.
  • Online estimators for business pricing, reputation management and economic value. 
  • Member forum to share solutions, find partners, exchange staff and buy and sell tourism businesses. 
  • Advice on marketing, distribution, human resource management and workplace relations issues.
  • Online economic value estimators for events, infrastructure development and marketing campaigns. 
  • Exclusive research and data for management, marketing and grant applications.
  • Inclusion of a market research question in the WA Travellers' Intention Survey.
  • Inclusion of a question set in opinion polling.
  • Confidential advice on industry pricing and profitability.
  • Assessment and referral for commercial legal advice.
  • Exclusive market research and data for business planning, loans, tenders, grants, and approvals.
  • Letters of support for applications, approvals, and commercial references.
  • Discounts and exclusive products and services.
  • On-site e-tourism coaching sessions.
  • Mentoring in digital and trade distribution.
  • Live webinars on tourism marketing, legal, financial and risk management issues.
  • 50% discount on Tourism Council WA in-person training workshops and events.

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Member services may be varied from time to time. Service is subject to availability and scheduling. Access to Industry Leader member services and benefits is limited to owners, managers, and staff of the business member. Services and benefits are not transferable to other organisations, contractors/consultants, or individuals.

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