Social Media Fundamentals for Tourism Businesses

This is an entry-level workshop for participants with basic knowledge of social media.

Using social media is one of the most important ways to promote your business, and an active, optimised online presence is vital. This workshop will cover an overall strategy for using social media and then dive deeper into platform-specific content to ensure you are making the most of social media without spending all your time doing it.

Topics will include:

  • Identifying your key messages and audiences on social media
  • Understanding the different types of content (e.g. promotional, informational, brand-building)
  • Knowing how social media algorithms work and what this means for you
  • Optimising a Facebook business page, and understanding what to post and when
  • Ensuring your Instagram profile is optimised, and creating a content strategy
  • Learning about tools you can use to schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • An overview of TikTok and LinkedIn and how they can be used to promote your business
  • Creating a content calendar for your social media strategy

To register for an upcoming Social Media Fundamentals workshop, click here.

If you would like to arrange a workshop for your business or destination contact Tourism Council WA on 9416 0700.