2024 Terms, Conditions and Waivers (Sample)


Every tourism business should have a Waiver to limit liability for loss and damage, and should also have Terms & Conditions, particularly for bookings. Terms & Conditions are essential for any type of formal relationship as they help set how customers pay and when, policies on refunds, cancellations, dispute resolution, limit your legal liability, protect your intellectual property and content, and prevent abuses by setting out your right to terminate accounts.

The following Model Terms, Conditions and Waivers are designed for you to adapt to your business needs. The Model Terms & Conditions with Waiver incorporate T&Cs and the waiver in a single document for customers. There is a version for accommodation, events and tours and attractions. However, you may use whichever version best suits your business. 

There is a model Waiver for those businesses which only have walk-up customers and do not need Terms & Conditions for a prior booking. 

Finally, there are Model Terms & Conditions and a separate Model Waiver that refer to each other for you to use if you prefer for the customer to accept two distinct documents.



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