Tourism is a diverse industry and Tourism Council WA provides a range of membership options to suit your needs.

Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses 

Accreditation through the Quality Tourism Framework is ideal for tourism properties, tours and operations providing a service to visitors. Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses receive complimentary Tourism Council WA membership and bronze-level services in addition to the benefits of accreditation. There are currently more than 1,400 Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses participating in Western Australia. For the full list of accreditation and membership benefits, click here.

To register to become an Quality Tourism Accredited Business, fill in the online form.

Bronze Membership

Suitable for small businesses which are consultants or suppliers to Quality Tourism Accredited Businesses, or tourism businesses which do not wish to become accredited. 

To join as a Bronze Member, fill in the online form.

Silver Membership

Suitable for medium-sized businesses, local governments and industry associations which have a role or interest in tourism policy, research, planning and advocacy. Silver level services are high-level services in addition to accreditation for businesses providing a service to visitors. 

To join as a Silver Member, send us an email.

Gold Membership

Suitable for large businesses, major precincts and properties, major attractions, leading industry associations, accommodation chains, and top-level investors and suppliers in the tourism industry. Gold Membership is ideal for CEO-level participation in tourism policy and direct advocacy on major tourism projects. Gold level services are CEO-level services in addition to accreditation for businesses providing a service to visitors. 

To join as a Gold Member, send us an email. 

Associate Membership

Tourism Council WA membership is only open to businesses such as sole traders and companies. Individuals, such as students, may participate in Tourism Council WA as Associate Members. Associate Members receive bronze-level services, but are not eligible to nominate or vote in Tourism Council WA elections or general meetings. Associate Membership is not open to sole trader businesses or individuals trading as companies, such as consultants.

If you are interested in Associate Membership, send us an email

Preferred Suppliers

Tourism Council WA's Preferred Suppliers are businesses which offer services to the tourism industry but do not run a tourism business, for example insurance brokers, marketing providers and consultancy services. Our Preferred Suppliers enjoy access to Tourism Council WA's network of members while also offering members tailored solutions to their business needs as well as genuine discounts and offers. Members are encouraged to take advantage of the tailored services available from our Preferred Suppliers. Businesses which are interested in becoming a Preferred Supplier can contact Tourism Council WA to find out more.